Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Day to Carcross and Beyond

We have been told not to miss Carcross so we took a day trip there.
Along the way we saw Emerald Lake. 

Just before we got there we stopped at the Carcross Desert. The World's Smallest Desert.

 In town we went to the "Old General Store". Everyone outside had an ice cream cone in their hand so Donna got one also. It's now just a gift shop.
 Bob went after a geocache at this corner.

The lady at the Visitor Center told us not to miss the pretty scenery south of town.
She told us to go about 35 miles south to the suspension bridge.
Along the way there really was beautiful scenery.
 We got to the bridge. They wanted $14 pp to walk on it. 

We opted out to eat at the restaurant next door. We tried poutine.

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