Monday, June 06, 2016

Back to Whitehorse

When we left Haines and were headed to Haines Junction we discussed continuing on to Alaska.
Since we had both been there previously we decided to head back and see some sites we haven't seen.
We ended back at Camp Walmart. They encourage you to stay as long as you want.
We had never seen a tent at Walmart before.

Our favorite restaurant there is the Klondike Bbq and Ribs.
Our first time there we met these two couple. One set from Whitehorse and their friends from Calgary. They have convinced us we should come for the Stampede.

We watched the four of them eat the bread pudding dessert so we had to have one too.

Our next project was to make "our" sign for the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake.
Donna designed it
 And Bob built it.

We toured around town. Bob went to the SS Klondike. 
Found a geocache there too.

We went to Miles Canyon

Bob walked onto the suspension bridge. 
While Donna waited below. 

We also went to the Beringa Museum

One evening we went to the Frantic Follies. 
 It was a great show and at the end Bob was chosen to join the "Order of the Garter"
He removed this ladies garter and in return he got a big lipstick kiss on his forehead and a certificate.

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