Friday, June 03, 2016

Fjord Express to Juneau

We bordered the Fjord Express at 9am and along the way the captain stopped so we could see wildlife. Lots of seals

We saw a few Orca whales but mostly just their tales and we didn't catch any on our pictures.
Did get pretty views though.

Arrived about 30 miles north of Juneau and caught the bus parked up on the hill.

The first place we stopped at was the Red Dog Saloon. We had both been here before and Bob's hearing aides were playing havoc so we only stayed a few minutes. 
Donna missed out on the Duck Fart drink oh darn.

We walked around town Bought some t-shirts and slippers.
We geocached but had no luck on regular cashes.

The captain on the ferry recommended The Hanger for lunch and this was our view.

We caught the bus and proceeded to go to the Mendenhall Glacier.

On our return trip the ferry went closer to this lighthouse. It is automated now but had been staffed.

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