Thursday, June 02, 2016

Fast Ferry to Skagway

We book a Fast Ferry trip to Skagway for the day. Here we are leaving Haines.
 Donna enjoying the fresh "cold" air.

There were many waterfalls coming down off the snow capped mountains.

Arriving in Skagway we saw 3 cruise ships in the harbor.

Bob checked out the old trains that used to run the White Pass/Yukon Railway.
We had both done that trip before so skipped it this time.

We did check out this building as it is a Virtual Geocache.
Completely covered in driftwood it was home to the Arctic Brotherhood.

There was another geocache on the rails near this engine.

We then decided to go visit the Elk's Lodge.
This was their indoor barbecue.

 Checked out their pin collection and bought a couple of their pins.

On the way to the Eagles Aarie we passed by these gals soliciting.
For a show (not what you think).

The building is the Eagle Aarie but they lease the front part to the people putting on the show.
The Aarie is in the back of the building and we went in for a few drinks.
Loved this old bar and they even had It's Not Your Father's Rootbeer for Donna.
On the way back to the ferry we had a winner at the Skagway Fish Company.

Walking out to the ferry we saw this neat name for a boat.

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