Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ice Field Parkway

We left early in the morning to drive to Jasper seeing the Ice Field Parkway, 150 miles one way.
It was cloudy and occasionally sprinkled, but still beautiful.
 Many glaciers.
 Beautiful emerald waters.
 The Columbia Glacier used to cross over the road.
 They take you out onto the glacier but we didn't go.
 The only privately owned concession lets you walk out on this but it just overlooks a valley.
We didn't do it either.
 We walked to Athabasca Falls for a geocache.
 Saw an elk.
and a big horn sheep.
 Pretty waterfalls.
 Weeping Wall.
 Saw the same emerald waters but on the way back.
Along the roads are high fences with these overpass for the animals to use to cross over the roads.
When we returned home there was a couple who were staying in a car and Bob invited them over to visit. 
Anna and Giuliano are from Konstanz, Switzerland.

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