Saturday, July 16, 2016

First Two Weeks of July

We continued south stopping at the Elk's Lodge in Kennewick at the Tri-Cities.
It was suppose to be a very hot day so we immediately headed to Jim and Kathy Cooper's.
It was air-conditioned splendor and Kathy made a delicious lasagna dinner.
Followed by Donna's birthday cake.

We left there and headed to Bend, OR.
Our friends Denise and Jerry Seigle were parked at a snow park west of Bend.
We joined them and had wonderful conversations and happy hours.

We then followed them into the Sunriver Thousand Trails Park.
Since we had not made reservations early enough to get a site we opted to stay in the overflow where we were out in the sunshine instead of in the forest sites.
 We had different neighbors every few days but this was a special neighbor.

We went out geocaching toward La Pine one day.
 Then had linner with Wendy and Mike Lawrence.

We had to go into Bend several times. Once for our lab work and another time to get the results.
Each time we saw this interesting sculpture made of kayaks.
In Bend if you don't have a kayak on the roof of your car you have a bike. Sometimes both.

Denise and Jerry wanted us to go to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument with them. It was very scenic and very high up.
 The view of the caldera and wildflowers.
 The pictures of Paulina Lake don't do it justice. They were the green color.

Another day we went to the top of Mt. Bachelor for dinner.
We had to ride the ski-lift to get to the top. It was very chilly.
 The view from the top was incredible. Notice the picnic table in the lower right in the snow.
Glad we didn't have to eat there.
 Sparks Lake is far below and one year we camped there and have kayaked it several times.
We would be looking up to where we are standing now.
 Our waitress took our picture. It was very windy as you can see by Donna's hair.
 The trees are all bent from the wind also.

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