Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More of Sundance, Burn Out in Sundance and Devils Tower

Sturgis comes to Sundance for one day.
 They do a "Burn Out".
A biker gets up on the platform and guns his engine until a tire blows out. 
Makes for smoke viewing.

Other things to view.
Afterwards we went to the Longhorn Grill for drinks and an appetizer.
One day we did a big loop to Newcastle geocaching along the way.
Saw this pretty red butte.
 We stopped in Upton at Remy's diner for linner.
Lots of moose both inside and out.
 There was a geocache at the museum but all we found was this 2 headed calf.
At the campground we had some very pretty views.
 Even a rainbow one night. Actually there were two but the camera only got one.

 And a not so nice view of the man in the next campsite.
One day we took a trip to Devil's Tower.
 We watched several climbers on different sides.
 The Indians hold the tower as a sacred place and place their prayer stuff on the trees.
 More views.

 And more red rock with the tower in the background.
 We have enjoyed the wildlife here. Deer, antelope and wild turkeys.
No, not Bob, see the deer at the corner of the bathroom.

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