Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On To Nebraska

When we left Rapid City we head south to Baynard, NE. There was a city park where it was free for two nights. We made good use of our two days.

Donna always having her nose in the map, she spotted Car Henge.
 Bob always is interested in cars so we went to it.

 There even were two geocaches there.
 Donna having grown up on Lake Ontario decided to try her luck fishing.

Bob had never been to Scotts Bluff so naturally there was a day trip.
We watched a film before going up on the bluff. The people heading to Oregon and California stopped here. It was like a guide to them.

Continuing on the loop we saw.

Another rock to see was Chimney Rock.

Naturally we had to find some geocaches along the way.

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