Thursday, September 01, 2016

Powder Canyon Part Two

September 1
We moved 24 miles up the Canyon to another NFCG called Big Bend.
The road was kind of twisty and it took us over an hour to drive it.

We settled in at the site nearest the river and Bob relaxed after that long drive.

We had no internet so had to drive back to the small town of Rustic to the Glen Echo Tavern/Restaurant at happy hour time for internet and cell service.

We did a drive up Long Draw Rd for 13 miles to see wildlife. 
And for the views.

We lucked out and saw 7 moose.

Next we went across the main highway and took another road.
We intended to go on Deadman Road but missed the turn and ended up in Wyoming.
But it was pretty there too.

Finding the right road we headed to Red Feather. Some pretty red flowers along the way.

It was the start of Labor Day weekend and there were lots of campers on this road.
We decided we would never take ours up there. Bumpy and dirt but pretty rock formations.

We stopped at Pot Belly's restaurant where the cook who we had meet at Glen Echo bought us a drink and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner. It was so good in fact we went back a few afternoons later after geocaching the area.

One night the sun shone on the cliffs outside our living room window.
Isn't this one of those million dollar view we always talk about?

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