Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Rapid City Stay

August 17
We went to the Elk's Lodge in Rapid City. Stayed six nights so we could prove we stayed in the state for 3 nights each and be able to renew our driver's licenses online next year.

While there we did a day trip on a big loop.
First was to Custer State Park. Where we saw lots of buffalo.

Some were up close.

I guess the wild donkey's wanted to increase their population.

We then drove the Needles Highway.

Dropped down into Custer for a DQ shake then headed up to Crazy Horse. We hadn't been into the park for lots of years so we went in. Wow! have they changed the area. Museum, restaurant, gift shops and a movie which we watched. The children are continuing on carving it.

We then headed to Mt. Rushmore. We do a drive by but don't stop there anymore as concessionaire's have taken over and it's an arm and a leg and you can't go where we used to be able to go.

Up the road where the tunnels are for a photo op. Look close and you can see Mt. Rushmore.

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