Friday, September 09, 2016

Poudre Canyon

August 25
We moved to near Denver to the Elk's Lodge at Westminster. Bob wanted to see a Jeep friend about the shimmy we have. He also put it up for sale but since we were there for only 3 nights he didn't accomplish that task. We went to the Lodge each night for dinner and drinks. Met an old friend Paul Givens and made a new friend, George, who bought us drinks and learned all about full-time RVing.

August 28
We relocated to Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins. We stayed at Stove Prairie on the same site we were on last year. Had 4 young men as neighbors, John and the 3 B's. Two of them were from Chicago and visiting friends from Denver.

While there we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. 

This was a patch of snow but it sure looked like an arch in the picture.

We got to see waaaaaay off in the distance this herd of elk.

We also took a day trip up the canyon road to check out the other NFGC.
Along the way we came across the "Profile Rock".

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