Monday, September 19, 2016

Palisades/Grand Junction

September 6th we left headed to Steamboat Springs and to go to the hot springs.
We changed our minds when we saw how crowded the area was and continued on to Craig.

Again we had planned to dry camp at the K-Mart. Pulled in and before setting up we went to the Pizza Hut right behind the rig. After eating we decided to continue on to Palisades where Lee and Clay have a lovely home and invited us to stay on their property.
Along the way was some pretty scenery.

Immediately it was hugs and happy hour.

We were having such a good time we forgot to take many pictures.

We also have friends in Fruita who we visited at their condo. Then out to dinner.
They invited us to go the Elk's Lodge to a dinner/dance one evening.

While dancing we kept looking at this lady who looked very familiar so Donna finally went and asked her if she was an RVer. Her immediate reply was "Yes I am Donna Huffer" so I guess we knew her. It was nice to catch up with Peggy and Marvin.

The band was good too and we danced quite a lot.

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