Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catching up on catching up

We headed south from the Balloonfiesta grounds headed for Socorro and Deming, NM
Before we got to I40 on the south side of Albuquerque we decided to head west instead.
We found

Spent the night in Winslow and the Elk's Lodge again.
We went inside to pay "our rent" and have a drink and were invited to stay for a retirement party. 
The gentleman was retiring from the railroad.

The next day we checked into the 1000 Trails in Cottonwood. Enjoyed the relaxing and recovery from the Balloonfiesta. We stayed 11 nights and even though we visited Ron and Meridith in Jerome,  lunch with Barb Brady and went to the Moose and the Elk's for fellowship and meals, out to dinner several times and got our mail and Donna's ring resized we virtually just lazed around and read. Enjoyed the cliff view and the shade. And never even took a single picture.

When our time was up we headed to Avondale to the Moose Lodge for an overnight. We were suppose to get together with Esther and Bill from Salem but got our wires crossed. They went to the Moose Lodge in Apache Junction but we weren't there.

We headed out the next day and got about 20 minutes west of Phoenix and the awning decided to unfurl on it's own in a tailwind. Bob pulled over to the side of the interstate and we wrestled with it but we lost the awing on the side of the road.

We finally made it to Quartzsite and to our favorite area MM99. Yes, that's where we met.
The next two nights we went to the Yacht Club to hear Donny Miller sing solo.

We sat with Millie and had wonderful visits with her.

Most of our time was spent in the shade reading or flying Bob's drone.

We had Shade Pro out to look at our awning problem and after checking with our insurance company we ordered a replacement awning. Waiting for it's arrival. 

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