Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Quartzsite Stay

We sat around most every day and read in the shade of the motorhome.
It was cloudy most days but when the clouds had a hole in them they lit up the hills pretty.
In the evening there usually was a pretty sunset and we sat out and watched it then watched the stars.
This might have been a sunrise. Hard to know. The black at the top of the picture is the windshield. So since we were faced east this was a sunrise.

We contacted Shade Pro on a Tuesday to replace our awning. They came out on Saturday and we have our new awning. Only paid the deductible so it cost $125.

One day we went to Beer Belly's to listen to Joe Lonsdale sing. He asked Millie to sing also.

Our last day in Quartzsite we went and did our 4 weeks of laundry.
Then out to eat at Silly Al's for their delicious Meat Lover's Pizza.

After taking the laundry home, putting it away and relaxing we went back to town.
It was Halloween and Hot Country was singing at the Yacht Club.

Millie sang along for a couple of songs.
This was our waitress.

And was this a scary couple.

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