Monday, December 12, 2016

Back Home in KOFA

We arrived back at KOFA and our site on Nov. 1st.
Played Peg's and Joker's our first night at the clubhouse.

The next day was movie day with our Boomer Group.
Afterward we all went out to eat at Burger's and Beer.
It was nice to see our friends again.

We belonged to a Geocache Group and they had a breakfast one morning.

We had our dinette cushions reupholstered, bought a fire pit for the patio and many runs for meals.

                                      Several trips to Los Algodones, MX. Got our hair cut, teeth cleaned, medications bought, dinner and of course replaced the Agavero tequila we lost at the Canadian border. It was an hour wait in the heat to get back across the border. We park on the US side and walk over. Election Day had Bob glued to the TV until 1 am. Movie day again and we watched Jack Reacher and to dinner with the group at Hooter's.Then it was Veteran's Day and Bob got several free meals.First there was IHop for breakfast then it was Olive Garden for dinner.We went to the VFW to see some friends but most weren't there.
We did get to see "Handlebar" Jim and John.


    After the Vet's Donut at Kofa we went to town to meet our friends from Salem.  Esther and Bill Goodchild stay near Phoenix during the winter and came down  to see us and to go to Mexico.                       
            After lunch we came home and to visit with them. Then we watched the super moon.

The next day we took them to Mexico. Esther needed new glasses so Bob took her to the eye doctor's while Donna took Bill to the dentist. 
He ended up with 5 implants. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants until his appointment.

We sat out and watched the sunset.

We got a fire pit and enjoy sitting out by the flames with friends.

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