Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Idaho Continued

We left the Boondockers on Tuesday 8/28 as it was too cold up at the 7000' elevation. 31 degrees this morning. When we left we really didn't know which way we were heading due to the big forest fires near Ketchum. The wind wasn't blowing in the morning so we decided to head thru that area instead of taking a 200 mile bypass. Ended up at Hayspur Fish Hatchery near Picabo, ID. It is north of Twin Falls and just west of Craters of the Moon National Park. Our friends Tom, Donna, Marie and Andrew were here. All WINs. Enjoyed socializing with them.

Wednesday we toured Craters of the Moon National Monument.
We climbed a cinder cone.

Took this pretty view from up there.

and hiked to a lava tunnel. then drove the loop.

On the way back to the campground we stopped for a soak at a hot springs. 2 hunters were there and we had a nice chat about the area. Back at camp, Allen joined the group and we had Mexican night for dinner. Frajtias, chips, salsa and marguaritas. Can life get better. Sharing a meal with friends.

Thursday was very smoky. We moved to Twin Falls. Planned on going into town to a county park but we spotted an Elk's Lodge just above town and pulled in. $10 nights give us 50 amp electricity. We went into town to see Shoshone Falls (the twin falls) then shopped for more food stuff for our canoe trip. In the evening, friends we met last summer at Priest Lake came out to see our new home then they took us to dinner and to their home. On the way there they showed us where to launch our kayaks on the Snake river which is about 500 feet down in a deep gorge.

Friday, Bob checked the batteries. They weren't holding the charge. All OK. Went to town for banking and to get our film. Back home the Elk's had a dinner and we went with our neighbors. In the evening there was dancing. We saw Karen a Win who lives here in Twin.

What a fantastic day. We started out by going to the Bridge over the Snake River Gorge at Twin Falls. There we watched base jumpers leap off the bridge and open their parachutes before hitting land or water.

Then we went to Shoshone Falls, "The Niagara of the West".


After that we went to their county fair. Watched a hypnotist and a one man washboard band who had a children's rhythm band helping him. Saw the local arts and crafts, and other display, ate some fair food. Then back to the motorhome. We turned on the air and went over to the lodge for drinks and conversation with a local couple.

Sunday was a day of rest. We fooled with the computer. When you click on a picture now it will enlarge but not to the HUGE PICTURE it was doing before. Hope you enjoy this new feature as it took us most of the day to work that problem out.

Labor Day we went to Leanna & Jim's for huckelberry pancakes and then we went kayaking on the Snake River. This time we were under the bridge and watched the base

We continued up to Pillar Falls.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of the jumpers,what a view from the river

Randy & Diana said...

Great job with the pictures!

RoamingBarbara said...

Ah, that's much better. AND I can make a comment! Love your blog!