Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On to Utah

Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. We hit the road for Salt Lake City area. We have an appointment to get repairs done on the motorhome at Blaine Jensen in Kaysville, 20 miles north of SLC. On arrival we found a parking spot and went in and told our service manager all the other things that need attention. None are big but they need to be done. Someone has been waiting here a week already but we had called 2 weeks ago so we should be seen tomorrow. In the evening we had a bad T-storm roll thru. Luckily we had parked in the right direction so didn't take the winds on sideways. One thing for sure they had fixed the leak in the slide when we were at Yuma.

Wednesday we started sorting things to take on our canoe trip. At 2 pm they took our mh in for the repairs. Added another fix, the antenna leaked on the technician. We then drove around and checked out the Elk's lodges in the area to park. The one in Roy was the best. Back at the repair shop we got the word on what is and is not done. Reparked and then went back to the Roy lodge for their Mexican dinner.

Thursday they finished up the RV first thing in the morning. We parked the rig and went siteseeing to Antelope Island the big island in the middle of Salt Lake.

We also drove to see the Devil's Slide. The most photographed geological site in Utah.

Talked with my daughter and they were in Moab. We decided to head south a little and moved the mh to Provo's Elk's Lodge.

They joined us for a nice visit on Friday and a great lunch at the lodge. After they left we headed out to Moab. Pulled into a truck stop just at dark in Green River. It was the first time we spent the night at a truck stop.

Saturday morning we arrived at "Millie's".
Joined those already here getting ready for the canoe trip. While they went 4 wheeling we got all our stuff out and assembled. Had to run to town for our mail and a few other items at the grocery store for the trip. In the afternoon Millie had an open house and we toured her "log cabin". Pete went over the trip details and then a few of us gathered at our place for conversation and relaxation.

Sunday. Now we are trying to fit everything into the canoe. This is the practice canoe. Donna had do to most of the packing as Bob was under the weather. He has to get well or all bets are off. At any rate we leave on Wednesday morning the 12th and we will see civilization again on Wednesday the 26th. Look for our adventures in the next blog. They ought to be awesome.


roamingbarbara said...

I never even heard of the Devil's Slide! I can't believe I missed something that interesting. Oh well, next time. Have a great trip. I hope Bob gets well in time.

Randy & Diana said...

Have a great time! Looking forward to your pictures. Get well, Bob!