Friday, September 28, 2007

Green River Canoe Trip

We started out for a two week adventure canoeing the Green River on September 12th. There were 14 of us to start. We are all WINs. At the half way point we were reprovisioned and 2 more joined us.
The scenery was incredible and going so slow we were certainly able to enjoy it. Our longest day was an 18 mile paddle. The shortest was 7.5 miles. There were three times we stayed 2 nights at the same campground.
Good try at a self portrait.
Enjoying a dance on the beach.

Falling into the canoe. Was I drunk? Probably....

Or kicking back and staying cool.
One of our campsites. We were drying out from the night before's rain. We called this the Clampett's campsite.

Our water making operation. As you can see the water is pretty silty. We left buckets to sit overnight then put the top part of the water thru 3 filters in order to drink it. 2 filters made dish and shower water.

Pete and Bob created a sunshelter on a hot day.

Berty and Max dined each night on a "table". It was really our portable toilet.

We hiked to the "Outlaw Cabin"

Took mud spa treatments.

Washed our canoe's so they could be transported back to Moab.

Patiently awaited for the jet boat to arrive.

The Jet boat arrived.We are almost done.

That's the jet boat being removed from the Colorado River to be taken back to Moab. All our gear is aboard.

Other pictures we took along the way.

The two pictures below are from the opposite sides of Turk's Head.

The day after our return we went to the Canyonlands to see the view from the top. The picture is of Turk's Head


Anonymous said...

Hellava trip! Gonna write it up for the newsletter?

Hugs, Sharon

roamingbarbara said...

Great pictures - looks like you had an amazing adventure. I was hoping for a group shot. I can't identify some of the butts.

Randy & Diana said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing your commentary and the great pictures.

roamingbarbara said...

Thanks for the additional pictures and the group shot. I guess we've been away too long - I don't know some of them anyway.

sally said...

What a motley looking crew you hang out with!! Glad you had a great time!!