Friday, June 27, 2008

Topsham and Family

We parked at the Fairgrounds when we arrived on Tuesday night. Full hookups in a field. On Wednesday Mark, Bob's son and Matty, Bob's grandson arrived for a brief visit before going to work and preschool. We had a few chores to do so Bob got right on it while I read. I have been reading a HUGE book (Diane Giabaldon) and I want to finish it to mail back to my daughter before we go to Canada. That was my job. Our mail arrived at Mark's so we went to his house, went thru it and then Mark arrived home with Matty. Pizza was ordered and later Jill arrived, Mark's wife.

Thursday an 18 wheeler arrived at the fairgrounds with our new MotoSat internet dish.

We had been having trouble with the old one so Bob just bought a new one before we get to Canada where we will be totally dependent on internet for communication. It was being shipped to Mark's but the trucker had a stop in Topsham and after a few phone calls dropped it off here. Mark dropped off Matty for us to watch for a couple of hours. Our WIN friends Jerry and Robbie Syppkins arrived just about the time Mark came back so Bob had plenty of help getting the old dish off the roof and the new one up on the roof. Wired it and bolted etc and then sat back and visited with our new neighbors Jerry and Robbie. In the evening he worked for 6 hours, 3 or 4 hours by phone with the tech's before getting the new one commissioned and up and running. By this time I was getting almost to the end of my book.

Friday Bob worked some more on the internet stuff and called the trucking company to pick up the old dish for shipping back to Oregon. I went and got the car lubed and oiled. Got groceries and read some more. In the afternoon Mark stopped by with Matty and Michala his daughter. Bob went with him to help with a friend's moving and we all met back at their home for dinner. Back at the motorhome Robbie and Jerry came over for wine and a visit.

Saturday was pretty much more of the same. We did take a drive with Robbie and Jerry and showed them where Mark works. He is a caretaker for a wealthy family's summer home on the coast. Isolated area of 35 acres with two huge houses and a small tree house that has more space than our motorhomes, swimming pool, tennis court and a dock with 7 boats. In the evening we all went to Mark and Jills for "lobsta". We had 10 1.5# lobsters for the 6 adults. The kids prefer chicken. Had a great evening visiting.

Sunday, Robbie and I went to the laundrymat. It poured rain while we were there and the fairground was awash. Bob came home from helping Mark repair their washer. He then got on the phone with another tech from Apple to get yet another component of the internet system working. We visited in the afternoon and watched lots of other rv's arrive. The circus is in town. All of us took off for Mark and Jill's for her wonderful lobster bisque dinner. Getting fatter here.

Monday I ran to the post office a couple of times. Read. Took it easy. Jerry, Robbie and us went to a lobster house
and had steamers and lobster for dinner. Not much else today.

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday. It had to be sunny, Bob and Mark had cancelled their hike up Mt. Katahdin and it was MY birthday.
Bob got me these beautiful roses and a wonderful card.
We spent the day at Mark's and Jill's parents were there also. Had a delicious dinner
topped off with a birthday cake.


Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! It sounds like it was a good one. Nice to see Jerry and Roberta again.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday from me, too, Donna. Sounds like you had a nice day. Glad to know your internet is back up and running.