Thursday, July 03, 2008

Maine Continued

We called on Tuesday to see if our part was in at the dealership in Auburn. NO. So we opted to stay for 2 more nights at the fairgrounds with Robbie and Jerry. Since the part couldn't get here before we left for Canada Fleetwood has agreed to extend the warranty on it a whole lot longer and we will get the repair made when we reach Yuma and go where we bought it. We have been trying to get the backup monitor replaced/repaired ever since we were at the FMCA rally in Redmond ,OR last August.

Wednesday was a laid back day. Both Bob and Jerry checked the roofs and did a little caulking as the rain storms we have been having pointed out the need for a little maintenance. The kids dropped by. First Jill, Matty and Kalie and then Mark and Micheala. In the evening we went to a good Italian restaurant in Brunswick called The Great Impasta. Hmm. Leftovers too.

Today was moving day. Robbie and Jerry left first. We washed the motorhome and car while we still had hookups then moved
to the American Legion where the camping is free. It was all of 2 miles. This week was to be sunny all week but I suppose since we washed the vehicles that is why we had a sprinkle in the evening. In the evening Jill and Mark took us out to a high class restaurant in Brunswick and then we went to the Gelato place for dessert.

The 4th of July. We went on a walk this morning. The fitness thing. I had been walking with Robbie but after Bob got the results of his lab work it was time for him to also. There is a beautiful bike path that runs along the river and we headed toward it. Ended up walking for 2 hours into the town of Brunswick before heading home. After getting refreshed we went to Mark's. Jill had down a 3K run in the morning and was busy making a delicious brunch for all of us. We spent the day there. Bob and Mark got into some pretty in depth if not heated political discussions while I read and Jill got some sunshine and ran errands. We came home after a delicious clams and BBQ rib dinner. The American Legion had karaoke tonight so we went over for a hour of dancing.

On the Road Again...We left Topsham late morning and headed to Bangor's Elk's Lodge for the night.
It is next to the airport and supposedly has the longest runway on the east coast. All the troops coming and going to the middle east pass thru here. I said a prayer that those aboard will come home.

Bob worked on the light connection between the MH and car. What should have been a simple job took 4 hours and my help standing behind the car and saying which light is lit etc. We then went to the new Casino in town. We helped them with their new mortgage. :)

Bob is still having difficulties with the internet dish set up when we move. So since it is a holiday weekend and no one available to help we stayed over in Bangor. We toured the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

The old way of taking care of the snow vs the newer way.

The old camper vs the newer camper.
We then drove to the waterfront part of town and ate a great lunch at Sea Dog overlooking the river. Afterwards we checked out other parts of town and ended up spending the late afternoon in the Elk's talking with a nice couple in the air conditioning.

Eureka, Bob got hold of someone for the internet and it seems to be working. We left Bangor around 3pm on Monday and drove to Calais. Found the American Legion to park overnight and got a bite to eat. We drove around the town before heading home to finish the blog.

We want to let all our friends know that we will be shutting our cellphones off in the morning as we do not want to pay 59 cents a minute. Instead you can email us or use our new computer phone service called Skype. You can check it out at this site. When we call you or you us there will be a voice delay. Kinda like the old "over and out". Messages may be left on Bob's cellphone or with our Skype number. Email us for it if you want to try it. We will also put it in our blog notification for those that receive it. We talked with a friend in Montana via Skype and since we both have newer computors with a video cam we were actually able to SEE each other. Really neat. Hope you give it a try. It is free.
After you get your SKYPE set up Do A search for {fulltimerbob} Then if we our online you can talk to us FREE
Or send us e-mail of your user name.And we will call you.


donnalee said...

donna bob' is the new phone number one to keep or just while in Canada
Hug donnalee

Barbara and Ron said...

We're looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Canada and lots of pictures. Have a great time!