Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Gros Morne

We toured the southern part of Gros Morne National Park today. First stopped at Woody Point and saw this lighthouse and across the bay is Norris Point where we were yesterday. It's 45 miles away by land. Wish they had a ferry.

We saw the Tablelands area. It reminded us of AZ on one side of the road and Alaska on the otherside. The dark green area is granite and the brown area is sandstone. This shows how the earth rose up eons ago.

We went to Trout River and saw this beautiful lake called Trout River Big Pond.

We returned to Norris Point and went to the Bonne Bay Marine Station. Our lovely tour guide Heather showed us all the creatures that inhabit the bay. One fantastic creature was this two toned lobster nicknamed Pierre. He is rare. Only two have been documented. It is caused by something happening to it's brain when small that doesn't allow the pigment to be the same. We got to touch creatures. Bob held this snail that Heather is holding.
This is "mouse". Actually a sea worm of some sort.
I held a starfish that was eating. It's stomach comes outside it's body to eat. That said it was time to feed ours so off we went in search of more seafood.


Anonymous said...

You were a pleasure to have on my tour!
I had a great time talking with you and I'm quite glad you enjoyed the station.
Have a great summer, I hope you have many more interesting adventures!

Best wishes

Barbara and Ron said...

That lobster is really something, but the snail thing and feeding starfish - Ewwwww.