Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Deer Lake

We left Rocky Harbour Wednesday and moved to Deer Lake to the Canadian Legion. Bob's tracking of his parts said they were in Corner Brook but when we went to pick it up it wasn't there. A phone call said it will be in on Friday. Meantime we are parked free.

Thursday was a gloomy rainy day here so we drove to Sop's Arm. While we didn't get sunshine we had some pretty scenery to see.

This was a interesting porch.

Came home and made a big pot of soup. Mostly to warm the motorhome but also to warm us for supper.

Also we found another garbage box that is decorated differently.

Probably the most odd thing about Newfoundland is their TIME ZONE. Instead of changing by 1 hour it changes by 1/2 hour. So we are 1 1/2 hours different from EDT.

Friday morning we headed into Corner Brook early to pick up Bob's parts package. After getting it we went to Memorial University and had the 2 cent tour by Pam who we met at Cow Head a week ago. Back at the motorhome Bob worked for about 7 hours trying to repair the internet dish. Still no luck. One of the motors they sent him was defective. He has given up until we get back to the states. We will probably be headed to Salt Lake City to get it repaired. Meantime we find internet sites at most libraries. We got a brochure at the visitor's center that tells us where they are.

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