Thursday, July 30, 2009

The last days of Eagle Nest

Sally Davis arrived at circle time and we all welcomed her. Carol left us to go to Abiquiu. That makes 12 rigs. It's nice we leave 7 spots for others. We still are having wind and rain most afternoons. One morning we were fogged in good.

We are trying to get our list of want-to-do's done this week. We got the geocaches at Coyote Creek and while there took another long hot shower. Went back to Yu's Chinese restaurant. Tried to find the elk herd again but they have moved onto greener pastures. Wanted to 4 wheel but with the afternoon storms not a very good idea so we will have to come back some day.

We went back to Cimarron Canyon to finish one geocache and hike Clear Creek to see the waterfalls.

The hike took 2 1/2 hours. It was worth it and Bob kept complimenting me for how well I am doing now that my hip no longer bother's me. He had to help me several times as it got tricky in spots.
The trail began near this log that has water running out of it all the time even in drought periods.
The view from the top was great too.
The wildflowers are pretty too.
And the view of our campground coming home.
We stopped at Cowboy Corner's and had lunch but really got a kick out of their business hour sign.

The next morning Al Mayer joined us and we went into Angel Fire, rode the ski lift to the top and hiked down to the bottom. It took us 2 1/2 hours. The ski lift is on the left in the picture and we came down on the far right slope. It would have been easier with ski's and snow.

Once at the bottom we stopped for lunch and across from us were 2 men from TX who we had met on their way hiking to the top. They also hiked back, arriving at about the same time we did. Our afternoon circle was once again held inside the garage. By now it should be called the clubhouse. In the evening we went to the yet unfinished visitors center for a lecture on "Cougars".

Our last day at Eagle Nest we went back to the Oesta Trail to find the geocache we missed 2 weeks ago when we went on the hike with the group. Back home we got things ready for our move on Sunday. It is hard to leave
this beautiful place.


Diana said...

You guys wear me out just by reading your blog! Miss you.

Barbara and Ron said...

You're really doing some hiking there. Looks like pretty country.

Anonymous said...

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