Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Our Abiquiu Stay

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and this place is beautiful as usually. It cost's a whopping $7 a night for water and 50 amp electric. It was a pull-in site. Our friend June also pulled in across the street from us. Our view of the lake from the windshield is awesome especially at sunset. We are having a warmer week since we are about 2000' lower.

June, Bob and I went on a two long excursions. The first one was heading west along a very scenic road.

As were driving I complained we hadn't seen any wildlife when this brown bear came bounding down the hill, paused long enough for a photo op and then ran up the opposite hill.

We geocashed along the way. Checked out two state parks where the group is planning on going to next. One we liked the other we didn't.
We stopped by Echo Amphitheater for a cashe and to hear our echo's.
It was a long day about 7 hours but we accomplished a lot.

The second one was thru the Jemez Mountain's and the Santa Fe National forest. Again we geocashed. Stopped to see Jemez Falls. Checking out campgrounds along the way. We stopped at the Walmart in Espanola on our way home.

On Wednesday the 3 of us went to Santa Fe. We stopped at many places for shopping and money along the way. Once there we went to Old Town area, got a bite to eat, then went to the Loretto Chapel to see the miracle staircase. The chapel was occupied by nuns who had a week long novena praying for someone to build a staircase. They had limited space so it had to be a spiral. The last day of the Novena a stranger (a carpentered) arrived and took 4 months to build it. There is no support holding it and on the day it was finished he disappeared leaving only an accounting of the supplies. The hand rails were added many years later.

After seeing that we walked back to the central plaza and toured the "new" New Mexico History Museum. While there we happened upon Trish and Margie. We all squeezed into the car and we took them back to the Elk's Lodge where we had circle and a fine dinner. Another long day 12 hours.


Diana said...

You guys sure are having a beautiful summer. Great shot of the bear! Glad you kept your heads and grabbed the camera.

Rick and Paulette said...

I liked the bear shot too. Enjoyed all the other pics too.

Richard said...

You are right now in our favorite place in the country.
We love the restaurant at the side of the Rio Grande, near Trucha.
We always go in the fall and the colors along the river are fantastic.
Last October we did the train ride from Chama. The first part was out of this world. The turkey dinner was very good. The second part of the tour was boring.
I would never take the whole day trip again.

Anonymous said...

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