Monday, August 10, 2009

Abiquiu Continued

We opted to stay longer so paid for 4 more nights. June and Joan left to go to Heron State Park on Friday. We watched as many weekender's came in. Bob needed some parts and we remembered some hardware at the store in Abiquiu so we headed in for a quick trip. I picked up my mail across the street and then we found no hardware at the store. We headed down to the next town about 20+ miles away. Got the parts, stopped at Pizza Hut for the new P-Zone and headed home. The park was filled. Turned on the air and rested the balance of the day.

Bob has been working on the solar system while we have been here. He has never been quite satisfied with the recharging of the batteries for the amount of solar we have upstairs. He finally found the answer on the internet and he has upgraded the wire gauge and it has made quite a difference. Now he wants to upgrade the batteries.

Sunday we went to this little restaurant someone in the park recommended. It really looks like a dump, only seats about 25 people but it has won awards for the green chili and has been written up in all kinds of papers and magazines. The food really was good but we ate too much as usual. We decided to take the back roads home thru Carson National Forest. Saw these pretty lakes.
When we got back we stopped by Carol's, John came in and Margie is here too.

We planned on leaving Monday but our plans are in Jello and it was a hot summer day. The fan in the frig broke so we had to make another run into town. Town is only 30 miles away so we did some shopping for parts for the car and a little more groceries as we will be going way away from shopping at our next stop. Janet called and she arrived just as we got home and is parked behind us. So there are 5 rigs here from the NM sundowner. I guess it's time to have a circle.

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Diana said...

Glad you got the solar fixed. I found that the wire makes quite a bit of difference.