Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heron Lake State Park

We moved on Tuesday. All of 54 miles. Passing by Echo Ampitheater again.
This time the light was right.
On arrival we tried one campsite but Bob was unable to back the huge garage into it so we opted to change sites and go to a pull thru. It was very unlevel and we had to raise the coach up on lots of wood. After we got level the step was very high so Bob improvised and even screwed the step to the wood so it wouldn't be so tippy feeling. We sat and read overlooking the beautiful lake all afternoon.
At 4 we gathered at Trish's. Yes, there are 8 rigs here and more expected. We have taken over this area. We had a lovely campfire in the evening and watched the stars.

Maniac Mike showed up last night and he graciously loaned us his Razor ATV for the day. He & Bob even pulled it into the "garage" to see if it would fit. It did. Off we went on the back (dirt) roads to the El Vado State Park. Stopped at this pretty spot on the way back for a rest.
Hit the showers immediately on our return. Circle, campfire and Perseid's meteor shower completed the day.

Bob went fishing with Trish and Jim. He was the only one to catch anything. While he did that I "wheeled" my kayak over to the water and launched. Kayaked for 2 hours. Our rig is the long white rig just a little left of center. Went to the island that is over 1/2 way across the lake then circled it and head to the far right shore. I met up with Janet and Mike kayaking. She had caught one trout, Bob had gotten two. We again had a lovely campfire and watched more of the meteor shower.

Had rain all night long and very overcast when we woke on Friday morning. We decided that was an ideal day to go check out the next state park and June went with us. Navajo is around 100 miles away but we opted to take the short cut over dirt roads. Saw deer and a coyote and a huge flock of turkeys. And how other's camp on Indian reservations. We checked out the state park and we all agreed there was no way we were coming to it. The road were dirt, narrow, twisty, pot holed and trees untrimmed.
The sites were super small also.
The lower campground below the dam was better but there was no cell service there and it was down a 1.5 dirt road. We went to Bloomfield for lunch and a fillup then headed back to Chama. We met Janet, Trish, Jim and Dot there for happy hour, dinner and music. It was a long day but very productive.


sally said...

Darn, darn, darn about Navajo. Guess it seemed to good to be true.

Barbara and Ron said...

Love the pile of boards - sometimes it takes some effort to get the perfect spot.