Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heron continued

We found there were about 16 geocashes in our area that we wanted to find so since it's the weekend and jammed with city folks and kids we headed out.

There was one at this rest area overlooking the lake we are camped on. Didn't find anything but the view here.

Found a few but didn't find a lot of them. We hiked a little. Out on the main road there is a view of beautiful cliffs and the waitress where we had lunch told us how to get there so away we went.
Saw this family.

Met these ladies who also were geocasheing. Their husbands were out sailing.

Got back in time for circle. Joan came also. She is staying about 4 miles away in the electric area. We all discussed our findings of Navajo. We are staying right here until Sept 1 then we will head up to Colorado leaving the group. But we will catch up with them later in the fall or this winter.

The group went to Chama for a buffet breakfast then a little shopping and the rest of the day was spent loafing. Ahhh...what a life.

Some of the rigs pulled out on Monday and Tuesday to go to Navajo Lake State Park (Bob Gambol, Trish, Jim and Dot). Then some rearranged. Joan came over from the electric area, CB just moved one site over and Dave and Carol moved to the electric area here at Heron from El Vado. We are staying on our site until told we have overstayed our time. Suppose to leave Sept 1 but hope to get by until after the Labor Day weekend. Circle's and campfires are at our place now.

We did some kayaking on El Vado Lake and then went up the canyon of the Rio Chama River. It connects Heron Lake to El Vado. Only was able to go so far and then we came to this rapid. We all had fun floating in the fast stream.

The next day we did another part of our lake. As we were launching a pontoon boat put in. The guys shoved the ladies off and then they couldn't get the engine started so we towed and pushed them back to shore.
Then off we went.


Barbara and Ron said...

How did you kayak and take a video at the same time? You are sooo talented!

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

I know...blush,blush. But it helps to be in the lea of the rocks.

sally said...

It is beautiful there. Hopefully I'll get there someday, but not this year.