Monday, December 28, 2009

Yuma Christmas

We left Las Vegas on Saturday and overnighted at LaPaz County Park. Curt and Dottie live nearby and they came over to visit and check out our Wii exercise system.

Pulled into Yuma VFW/BLM around 1pm. John brought our trailer over from his spot at Yuma Lakes. We are hooked up to it again.

We met some Boomer friends for the 2 for 1 buffet at the Q.

The Win's started arriving and our first circle was on Monday. Joanne and Carolyn worked up a schedule of activities for us to do in the area. Dancing, siteseeing, shopping trips to Algodones and the flea market, dining out and of course the big holiday feasts at the VFW. Then there are the little snacks. Finger foods Christmas eve and caroling, coffee cakes and donuts on Christmas morning along with the gift exchange. In case you don't recognize the skinny lady in the gray hat getting a hug it is me.
We will be kept busy and full. It's great to see old friends we haven't seen in several years and especially great to see Oneta and Bob who where in a horrific accident after our houseboat trip. She had a broken neck and his truck and trailer were totaled.

We had a wonderful visit with Barb Cormack from Barrie, Ont. She and I met in 2004 when we traveled the Lewis and Clark Trail with the SI's group.

Bob was kept busy revamping Bob Magda's solar system.

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