Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years in Yuma

We spent New Year's Eve with the Win's in Yuma at the VFW. We are parked right next door so didn't have far to go. The group started out with finger foods at the circle area at 6:30. Lots of good snacks. At 8 pm we moved over to the VFW and filled about 3 very long tables. The group is noted for dancing and we did our share. Finger foods were plentiful here also as the price of admission was a finger food or $3. Many people left before midnight but we were having a good time and before we knew it midnight came. The post passed out hats, horns and a small glass of champagne.

New Year's Day the Win's traditionally go to a Chinese Buffet. We were invited to a private party in the Foothills. Barbara's neighbors have a lot there and they are also Solo's. There were about 20 of us and Jerry and Dottie put on a fantastic roast pork dinner complete with black eyed peas. The rest of us brough a dish to pass.

On the 2nd four of us ladies decided to have a Ladies Day out in Algadones. I needed a haircut. We all lined up and each of us got a haircut. $6 with tip. We had a bite to eat at the Rincon. Couldn't dance with my favorite waiter as there was no music but he did give me a hug. On to the Purple Store for meds for a friend and another bottle of our favorite tequila. It was a perfect day to go as the weather was warm for a change and the wait at the new border crossing was only 5 minutes instead of the usual 1 1/2 hours. When we got back the VFW had a chicken and dumpling dinner and dancing. Then in the evening we went to Karen's rig to watch Julie & Julia. There were 14 of us crammed into the living room and she even provided popcorn. Barbara had spent the entire day with us.

After our last circle the group was invited for a marguarita party and it was good that it was next to us as I over imbibed and headed for bed by 8pm.

Monday was moving day. We headed to Martinez Lake for the Win's next stop. After dumping and adding water it was after 1PM and no other's had arrived so we continued north and ended up back at Quartzsite. Here is our pretty site for the next few weeks.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You guys look cute in your New Year's picture. We'll see you in Quartzsite.