Saturday, January 16, 2010


We arrived a week early. Had some alone time. Then they started to come. Bob had ladies lined up waiting for him to work on their TV's. In between times we went dancing. Our favorite group plays at "Somewhere Arizona" in Bouse and at the Yacht Club in Quartzsite. We went for pizza at Silly Al's with a group and then onto the Yacht Club.
Some pretty sunsets and sunrises. Even had a coyote in our "yard".

Barbara and I went shopping one day and we stopped by the local bookstore which is famous for the propriator "Paul" who is a nudist and this is his workclothes.

And they keep coming. Monday the 11th is the start of the Win gathering. Across the road are the Solo's and the Low's both single groups also. All around town are more groups. Brand names of rv's, christian fellowships, Elk's, chapter's of Escapees and groups of friends who meet here. The traffic and the crowds keep growing during January and come February most will have moved on to other venue's as will we.

While Bob has been working I have been planning our summer travels. Doing needlework and visiting with friends. Hey, one of us working is enough. :)

The group swelled to over 100. We have Hugs & Mugs at 9 am and circle every afternoon at 4 pm. During the day there are hikes, shopping, 4 wheeling and in the evening there is dancing, eating, campfires and cards. One day we invited all the single clubs in the area for an ice cream social. May even get a few new members.

The big tent opens for a week. It has everything one could want pertaining to rving. We always say you can get anything for rving in Quartzsite and since this is where we met we point to each other. It's always great to meet old friends both within the Win's group and in other groups we belong to. The Boomer's, Boondocker's, Solo's, SI's and just other's we have met in our travels.

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