Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quartzsite continues

A total of 150 Win's gathered here. The weather really didn't co-operate. Windy and clouds then lots of rain. The wash next to us had several streams running thru it.

On the 25th we moved 16 miles. It took us an hour as we had to stop at the Pit Stop. There we get fresh water, dump our holding tanks and fill up on propane. We used 21 gals of propane in 3 weeks running our heaters to keep warm. It has been a chilly winter.

Our next campsite is near where we met 4 years ago. We are with the Escapees Geocashe BOF (Birds of a Feather). We found a nice spot with a cactus garden and on the end so we have no close neighbors.
At 2 there was a gathering with 80 participants. Announcements regarding the gathering were made. Then Happy Hour.

The next 2 days we spent geocasheing in and around Quartzsite. The owner caught us on this one.
Bob is my official "dig them out" person.

We had to climb a mountain for one.
And the sign for another.
A virtual cashe at Hi Jolly's tomb.

We took Becky along. She is new to RVing and geocasheing. We gave her a final exam. She had to find this micro cashe on her own. We found 18 the first day and 4 the second day. Go on terrible back roads for some. But it is fun.

One night we were one of 6 host rigs. Each rig had 3 couples come to their motorhome. The first 3 each brought a snack to share which was left behind. Two more groups of 3 couples each came an hour apart. We had a great time meeting them. Each hour long visit was with different subjects so we didn't get bored. On other nights we played Pegs & Jokers teaching it two couples.

Our last evening was a Chili supper and prizes given out. We again played cards and visited until almost midnight.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Good Grief! How long was that camouflaged rig? It looks about 60 feet! We ducked out before the rain started - I know, we're wimps.