Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still Quartzsite

After the Geocasher's left we stayed on and our friends Bud and Nancy joined us. I dated Nancy's brother Bob while in high school. (Do you see a pattern forming). They are also my oldest daughter's godparents. We were neighbors in the 60's in Chittenango, NY. After we moved to Texas in 1970 contact with them was lost until 2004 when we ran across each other in the desert near Quartzsite. They helped me out with a place to stay while my MH was getting a new transmission. We have hooked up with them a couple of times each year since then.

Bob & I went to the QIA for a Kerry Christenson concert. We sat with Richard and Doreen.

We do have pretty sunsets out here.

Bob introduced Bud to geocashing and they helped each other with work around the rigs. Nancy and I visited, shopped and stitched.

On Sunday we went to the Desert Bar near Parker. Bud, Nancy, Lonnie and Becky had never been there. We also called Curt and he joined us. Along the way we did a little geocashing. Some arrived by mule train. It is a 5 mile drive in along dirt roads to get there. The entire place is powered by solar. There is 11,000 kw of panels converts to 220 volts ac which power the coolers and the house adjacent to the bar has 7kw of solar. He is adding more this year so he can have more air conditioning.
We enjoyed dancing to the band. Without the Wins there we had the entire dance floor to ourselves. They have an interesting ladies room. Rusted sheet steel make the stall dividers. The sinks are lined up along the open window area
which has this view. The metal building used to be the one hole ladies room. The water is gravity fed to the bathroom.

After the Desert Bar we headed to the Floating Bar on the Colorado River for hamburger's.

When we bought the motorhome the only thing that wasn't on our wish list was an oven. Having lived in it for 3 years with a convection oven that was only used 6 times we decided to eliminate 2 very large storage drawers and went to town and bought a new stovetop/oven. Bob got it installed in time for me to cook dinner (on the stovetop) as we have nothing in our food stocks to bake. I had to do a lot of rearranging to accommodate the items that were in the 2 drawers.

Our afternoon happy hour was also attended by friends Lonnie & Becky and Sally Davis. Sally arrived on her birthday.

One night Becky & Lonnie went to Silly Al's with us. Lonnie spotted the supersize pizza on the menu.

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Diana said...

So -- you like Bobs, huh?

Love the oven. I don't think I could live without one.