Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boondocking in Bouse

We decided to stay on where we watched the race. Most everyone left except for
 2 truck campers and a tent camper. We did move about 100' to a more level and scenic site. 

 After moving we went out and picked up garbage left by those who where here before. 31 baked potatoes, 1/2 doz ears of corn, a large pan full of baked beans & sausage, a huge pile of what looked like hominy & chicken and all just a few hundred feet from a huge dumpster. PIGS. The least they could have done is taken it to a homeless shelter. They were a group of about 10 rigs. They easily could have taken it with them. In the afternoon we took a drive along the race course then stopped in Bouse and visited with Bud & Nancy. They are staying longer in the rv park. 

We decided to go after our 1000th geocache on Monday.


We first hiked to the top of "B" mountain for a cache and awesome view. Probably never would have done it if it wasn't for a cache. Found grave sites.
A view of our rv off in the distance

Enlarge the picture and we are the white spot underneath the largest peak. Bud & Nancy in the campground saw us up there.

We found a cache called Arresta. We didn't know what an arresta was but now we know.  
We continued on 4 wheeling and along the way we had a flat tire
at least we didn't end up like this. 

We ended by getting our 1000th at "Love begins in the heart" cache. 
We actually went miles out of our way to get #999 so that this would be our 1000th. Stopped again at Bud & Nancy's where Donna got a phone call that her Uncle George passed away this afternoon. He was in the hospital for the last several months off & on and on the 31st had his 91st birthday.

Jerry & Denise moved over by us along with their friend Tom. Then 3 more rigs came in so we are getting a mini-town out here.

Thursday we drove to Phoenix to get our "Big City" fix. Bob wanted to go to the Apple Store to buy the iTV. We didn't realize it was the day they were selling the new iPhone 4 and it was jammed. Met Donna's cousin Ken & Deanna there then the 4 of us went to lunch. After we parted from them we went to Fry's Electronics, Sam's Club & Walmart and along with getting the car Jiffy Lubed we didn't leave the "city" until almost 6pm. 100 miles later we were back in Bouse. Stopped at "Somewhere" for a light dinner, short dance, a little music and farewells for this winter to our friends that were there.

We decided to place a geocache near where we are parked. Got the container all set 

and Jerry helped us place it. Donna has a "Travel Bug" called "Traveling Threads" she placed in it. Denise & Jerry became the first to find's and will move the travel bug along.

Sunday we took Denise & Jerry to the Desert Bar. We went along the back way and geocached along the way. 

At the Desert Bar we parked next to a car from Adams, NY. When Donna got inside she hollared out anyone from NY here. She ended up finding someone from her hometown of Henderson Harbor. Hal (Butch) Horton worked for her Dad cleaning fish at the Marina and when he grew up actually owned the West View Lodge that her Dad owned. Small gets smaller. His sister-in-law now lives in Kent, OH where Bob's son works for the Kent State Police force. They haven't met but who knows..maybe someday they will.

We had arranged to met Jerry & Robbie there and after a bit we all went to the Floating Bar "Roadrunner". 

While there Jack & Darlene our insurance agent was there too. We visited with them a bit. Donna has know them since 1999.


Desert Diva said...

Dang, I think you guys are having too much fun! ;-)

Barbara and Ron said...

Congrats on your 1000th cache!