Monday, February 21, 2011

Having a Blast

Moved toward Lake Havasu City on Tuesday. We are parked with a lot of others who are here for the Blast. 
The cross in the foreground used to be a firepit but sometime this past year a crowd of biker's where here drinking & drugging. One of the fellows put a pallet on the huge fire, tumbled in and later died from having enhaled flames and burning his lungs.

The Blast is the annual pyrotechnic show that lasts for 4 days. The Boomer's had a happy hour Donna went to while Bob finished setting up the wind gen & tilting the solar panels. He was busy today...had to dump and take on water in addition to all the other chores entailing a move. Our friend Curt was here and we invited him over for dinner. Donna made seafood alfredo the hard way. Thought she had bought a jar of the Alfredo sause but couldn't find it so made it from scratch.

Wednesday afternoon was spent in LHC at the Senior Center where Bob had AARP do his taxes. Stopped briefly on the way home for a few groceries then went to Happy Hour. More of our friends have arrived.

Thursday Bob worked on repairs unsuccessfully. Our thermostat won't reset and the pressure pro's are acting up. In the evening we went into LHC for some of the fireworks. The amature's were blasting what they made up during the day. We found a free parking area on a hill to watch it from. Takes 4 wheel drive to get to it.

We went geocaching on Friday. Drove to the top of the hill above our camping area to find a cache.Took this awesome picture. Our rig is just a little right of center all by it's self in the middle.  Becky took this one. Can you still spot our rig? Cached out in the desert and worked our way up to LHC for some others. Stopped again at the store. Quick dinner and headed back for the blast.

It rained all night and into the morning on Saturday. Cleared off in the afternoon. We joined a group of WIN's at the Moose Lodge in LHC then out to dinner at the Red Robin with Linda who drove her own truck. After dinner we headed to the hill for the Blast. Bob had to walk down the hill to get to Linda and drive her truck to the top. The show was great.

Sunday was cool but sunny. Lots of rv's pulled out and now we have a view of the river. Ed's birthday was today. The Boomer's celebrate Dwayne's birthday but call it Ed's. It seems when Dwayne's wife went to buy a cake a number of years back the only one she could purchase was one that had not been picked up as "Ed" had died. Hey, for 1/2 price why not change the birthday boy's name.

We went geocaching nearby at the Cattail Cove State Park. Yesterday was to have been an event but it was cancelled due to thunderstorms so we went today and found a few. Linda called and she made a delicious dinner for us. Then we all piled into the Cheap Jeep and away we went to watch the fireworkds. A jeep pulled in next to us and it was Ron Sawchenko a Win friend. We made room for him to sit with us for awhile. The grand finale was awesome.

Left the Steps on Monday. Back to Plomosa Rd.

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