Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plomosa Rd for two days

We left the Steps. Didn't know if we would return to Bouse or Plomosa Rd when we left. Wanted to go both to Quartzsite & Bouse and Plomosa is almost 1/2 way. Called Nancy and our Bouse friends were coming to Quartzsite for an early dinner at the Grubsteak. We joined them for a good dinner. At one point our table was the only one occupied. Sure is a change from when the rv show is here, when it's a 1/2 hour wait just to get seated. Shopped at a few of the vendors that are left. We went out to check the geocache that Riley's (Bob's granddaughter) travelbug ECHO was placed. It wasn't there so it's lost.

Back to Bouse on Tuesday for Donna where she did the monthly wash. She then stopped at our friends to pick up the package for the awning part and headed home. Bob in the meantime patched the trailer's front cap that had 2 cracks in it.

We then went into Quartzsite to mail a couple of packages. We grabbed a geocache which entailed a 15 minute walk into the desert. Back home we both collapsed in the lawn chairs with a good book & sore backs.

Wednesday morning we moved to Yuma. Stopped in Quartzsite for dump, water & propane. Total cost was $75. Free rent parking on the deserts of western Arizona so our monthly camping expense is cheap. What a life. Glad we live it.

Pictureless blog as we didn't take any.

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Anonymous said...

Are you having a Problem with your thermostat locking up and reading 00.
If so I have this from time and remove the fuse to reset it and at times it takes sevral times to reset, I am curious if you will find a permanent fix? If you do would you please post the solution. Thanks