Saturday, March 05, 2011

Yuma Again

We moved back down to Yuma and the VFW/BLM. It was crowded here but our favorite spot near the hill was open. We have no close neighbors as
there is a bush on one side and a hill on the other. There were quite a few of our friends here. 
Spotted  Donna Lee on arrival. Heidi & Joey are the camp hosts. Curt pulled in an hour or two after we did. At 4 o'clock we had social hour with a few SI/Solo/Win friends. We met Doug & Janet and Carol & David for dinner at Famous Dave's and then went out to see Doug's new to him motorhome.

We had just a few plans on the calender. A cacheing event on the weekend, trip to MX, lab work and the Gypsy Journal Rally. But by the weekend our calender was full. Friends who were gathering and other's who just wanted to meet for a meal somewhere.

Donna immediately started back at Curves. Her hip was hurting from lack of exercise. We hope it doesn't mean it's time for the hip replacement they told her she needed over 2 years ago. Bob wanted to go shopping and we went to the flea market on Thursday. We were close by so drove down to the SKP park to check on our #. We are now #19. We will be getting a lot next winter. We visited with Pat Reno & Art Buckley while there. Saw June briefly on our way out of the park.

Friday was a busy day also. We visited Pete Bonine who is getting off the road. Bob wants to buy Pete's tools. While there we saw Joan Albright who we met on our NM tour a couple of summer's ago. She told us of the death of a friend, Dot, who we had just seen last month when we were in Quartzsite. She had also been on our NM trip. Shari, John and Winona were also there. We then went shopping for Bob's next project.

Found out about a wine tasting gathering at Jack's in the Foothills. There was about 40 of us gathered. Ron & Linda had agreed to meet us there and then the 4 of us went to
Old Town for the Mardi Gras. We strolled along the street checking out the vendors then went to Lutes' Casino for dinner. It's no longer a casino but is filled with memorbilia. Interesting place.
Then we had to introduce them to Mickey B's before we came home and crashed.

Busy Saturday. Bob repaired the door awning then we headed to town. Stopped at the fairgrounds and made arrangements with Terri Russell for us to help with the Gypsy Journal Rally. Then it was back to Lutes' Casino for the pre-event for the Geocache Event that is tomorrow. We met Jerry & Denise and the four of us went caching afterwards. Time flies when your having fun. We picked up 16 caches and 4 TB's.

The next day was the actual Event and we arrived at 9. Signed in and went out on the poker run. Got a lousy hand but got our exercise. Visited with old friends from the SKP geocache BOF and met lots of new people. A delicious BBQ was served at noon.

Donna's new friend or is this the way she'll look when out caching in a few years.

One guy even has his Travel Bug tattoed. 

Monday we headed for Algodones after Bob's lab work, Donna's Curves workout and breakfast. It was a quick trip. Donna got a $6 haircut and we got our favorite tequila. Stopped at the casino nearby and Bob was his usual lucky guy and came out $19 richer but Donna lost her $10.

Tuesday Bob went and picked up all of Pete's tools he purchased. Our dear friend is getting off the road and moving into assisted living. While he was doing that Donna had to empty a bay and consolidate all that was in several bays. That also included all the inside compartments. Thought we had a lot but now we have more. Bob will be selling some of the tools and we still have to make a run to Showlow the end of the month for the rest of the tools.

Donna's hip is still bothering her so off to the Nurse Practioner, hip xray and a referral to an orthopedic doctor. Bob went along too and got his report on his lab work. After shopping and getting home we had happy hour with Win friends, Bob & Marlene and Bob's friends Donna & Pete.

We met Nel & Dale at the Garden Cafe on Friday. Nice visit & delicious meal. In the evening we went to the Moose Lodge for the first time this season. Delicious dinner then tried to dance but after only 2 dances Donna's hip was hurting so home we came.

Saturday afternoon we moved to the fairgrounds for the Gypsy Journal rally. Bob is on the parking crew.

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