Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring in Springfield

Leaving the winter snows behind in LaPine we headed to Springfield. We had to go over Willamette Pass at 5000' elevation. We had been observing the pass via a web-cam site and knew it would be snow less.

Just before the pass our pressure-pro beeped. The car tire was showing a 21# pressure. Bob found a large drive-way to pull over. He has air hoses both front and back on the motorhome but the back one wouldn't reach the car. We had to unhook the car to move it closer to the hose. It wouldn't start. Bob then had to move the motorhome to jump-start the car. That accomplished he moved the MH & car to fill the tire. Then it was hook-up the car again only to have it not start but we were towing the car not pushing the motorhome so away we went.

Beautiful scenery along the way and the pines of LaPine quickly gave way to decidious trees and their leafing out and then the trees with flowers. We have forgotten how pretty spring was where there are trees. We followed along the river and then came to the beautiful lake near Lowell. We had visited the area last year when our friend George Dockstader work camped at a National Forest campground.

We pulled into the Springfield Elk's. Disconnected the car and got the motorhome settled in then it was back to the car and push it closer to the rv. We got the car started and drove to NW RV Surplus but they were closed. Back at the lodge we went in to pay our fee for camping. ($5) for dry camping  and and a cool one, actually two, before eating dinner. It's a huge lodge and the only people there were the bartender Deb and the cook Dean. Across the street there was a carnival. We called our friend Barb Bakke to tell her we were in the area and since she lived less than a mile away she quickly came over and we had a wonderful visit.

The next day Bob got the car battery terminals cleaned up. Then we discovered a leak in the fresh water system dripping on the pavement. Bob looked but wasn't able to discover where it was coming from.
Joel and Claudia came by for a visit. They had to check out Bob's solar.  We then went into Eugene for a stop at Bob's favorite tool store, Harbor Freight, where he got a longer air hose. Then Barb, Joel, & Claudia met us for dinner at Hole in the Wall followed by a longer visit in the motorhome.

Another spring day, rained off & on. Cold. We drove into Eugene to check out the RV Surplus stores. Didn't find anything. Stopped by Walmart for Donna's script and Bob went to a hardware store & got a length of steel to make the awning hook he had left behind in Winnemucca. Then it was out to the pizza place across the street. Coburg Pizza. We had the most delicious pizza we have ever eaten.

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