Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Four Elk's & an Expensive Week

We moved up the the road about 60 miles to Salem, OR. We stopped at the the Elk's Lodge and called our friend Curt. He came over for a visit and we all went to Shari's restaurant for a great dinner.

The next day it was onto another Elk's Lodge. This one was in Vancouver, WA. Great Lodge with a delicious lunch. It was next to a busy interstate so there was lots of highway noise. We checked out where we had to go with the motorhome for window and cabinet measurements. Got the mail at Battle Ground for Donna and checked out their Elk's Lodge. It was the pits. It was next to the railroad tracks.

Early the next morning it was to the Precision Windows where we ordered all new thermal pane windows. It took us 4 1/2 hours for measurements. Then it was onto Woodland, WA to Dave & LJ's Renovations. There they measured for our pantry next to the refrigerator and a wine rack below. Bob drove us up there in rain and high winds. Donna drove us Portland to the Gateway Elk's Lodge across the Columbia river in high winds. We both deserved a stiff drink or two and a delicious BBQ chicken dinner.

We checked out where the Elk's Lodge in Gresham was and continued on to Johnson RV in Sandy where we will be getting the water leak checked & repaired. Had planned on geocaching but the weather is like back home in OH. Cloudy & rainy. Back home we read, watched TV then went into the lodge for dinner. We sat with another couple and the guys talked cars. They restore & show cars.

We spent 3 nights at the Gateway Elk's. Our last evening there we met Celeste Vaughter's and Gail Upton. They came over for a visit and wine then we all went into the Lodge for dinner. Celeste left to go home and the 3 of us stayed for a couple of dances then more visiting at our motorhome.

Another Elk's Lodge the next day. This time it's in Gresham. After settling in and since the sun was out we headed for the site of the first cache. Way out in the boonies. We missed the 12th year anniversary of this cache by 3 days.Found the plaque and the log box.
 Just as we were ready to leave a couple from CA,  Michelle & Thomas, came and we took each other's pictures.

Back to Sandy for Linner (lunch/dinner). The car started to act up and Bob headed to a parts store, then replaced spark plugs and it worked. 

We spent some time in the lodge and got to know Judy & Lee. We were talking about tequila so we invited them over to our rv to taste Agavaro.

Early Monday morning we headed to Sandy, OR and Johnson RV to check on the water leak. They worked for about 1 hour and weren't able to find the leak...of course, it wouldn't leak when in the shop. At least the manager didn't charge us anything. After lunch at Clamity Jane's we headed for Seaside on the coast for 2 weeks at the Thousand Trails.


Spencerusvi said...

Just starting to get into geocaching. Can you explain what GPS you like to use? And when you down load sites close to you what website are you using? And are you loading these into your gps manually? Thanks and love following your adventures.

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

We use two. Garmen 450 and 400i. They both are good. We also use a Garmen GPS that works in the car. There are some that have a battery & can be removed from the car. We like it as in cities it takes us down streets to get there without back tracking because of dead ends.

We use Geocaching.com and are premium members for $30 a year. It gives you additional caches.

We do a pocket quiery and give the parameters we are comfortable with for terrain & difficulty. Then with the GPS's attached to the computer download the quiery in mass. We also do a route quiery where we put in the roads we are going to do and find caches along the way. Occasionally I enter some in manually.

The hand held downloads all the info about the cache including logs, hints, description and after found you can right log your find and reattach the GPS to the computer and it uploads your finds & DNF's.

Hope you can find someone nearby to help you and if you have further questions can in touch with us.