Monday, May 07, 2012


We arrived at the Thousand Trails park in Seaside OR for a 2 weeks stay. It was overcast, cold and occasional showers. We have 3 weeks to kill before the window & cabinet installation near Vancouver, OR.

We geocached on Wednesday. A day of cabin fever saw us wanting to get out yet stay warm. Donna downloaded 500 caches within a 100 mile radius. We headed for Astoria, found a few there then took 202 south caching along the way. Mostly forested areas. Lots of logging trucks. Curvy roads. We even got to see a herd of elk at one elk viewing area. Bob counted around 60.

On the way home we took Rt 26. We had come this way with the motorhome and spied this interesting restaurant with a lot of logging machinery. Camp 18. It was built by one man and his family.
Huge logs made the center pole.
It was 85' long, 25 tons.
Donna stood by one of the uprights so you could really see how BIG it is.

The door had an axe for a handle. It was 4 1/2 inches thick and weighed 500#. She must have been hungry as she opened it easily.

There were 100's of birds at the bird feeders where our table was. The meal was delicious too.
A mastodon was across the river. Continuing home we found this interesting tree near a cache.

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