Tuesday, April 24, 2012

La Pine & Snow

We stayed at the Thousand Trails park about 12 miles north of La Pine. It's their winter season so not many sites are open but we found one that was close enough to the Towne Square (winter clubhouse) so we could reach their WiFi right from the comforts of our motorhome.

While hooked up we got out the electric heaters and they ran almost the whole time we were here. Worked on updating Donna's computer. Took overnight instead of a week.

Called Gial & Tom. We met last year when Bob taught them how to work their handheld GPS. They invited us to dinner at their house in the woods. It was snowing off & on all day.
Woke to this scenery on Friday. We stayed another day. In the afternoon it got a bit warmer with sunshine so we went geocaching. Over 2500 now. 

One was called Tree on a Rock. Aptly named.

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Jerry Siegel said...

Did you do the Geocache "Frozen Fire?" It's an area of very sharp lava and it sounds like you're walking on glass.