Monday, April 23, 2012

Denio Junction, The Alvord Desert and Beyond

April 23 we moved up the road 100 miles caching along the way whenever the shoulder of the road allowed it.

We pulled into a roadside cafe that allows boondocking. Went in and asked where we should park then unhitched the car.

We stopped at the Fields Station for a cache and when posting read about the awesome milkshakes they have, so in we went. DQ "eat your heart out". We visited with the owners and found out about the small community. There are 10 residences, 10 children in the elementary school. High schoolers go to a boarding school 100 miles away. The station is a cafe, grocery, gas station and post office.

Even airplanes come to fill up.

We continued up the road to see the Alvord Desert.   We even drove out onto the lake bed.
Our friends Jerry, Denise and Joan stayed there last year.

Back at the junction we went in for a cool drink and visited with the patrons there. The winds kicked up big time and Bob dashed home to close the windows and pull in the slides. Back at the bar we shared a delicious quasidilla and onion rings.

The next day we headed across 140 into Oregon. It went thru a wildlife area and we saw wildlife. Burro's first, 
then wild horses 
and antelope. 

We had planned to stay at the Summer Lake Hot Springs where we had stayed last year but it was a good traveling day weather wise so we kept going.

The scenery was beautiful. 

Donna was glad Bob was driving this portion.  6 1/2 miles of an 8% grade. We were glad we had bought the new exhaust kit from Redlands at the Gypsy Journal rally. It really preformed well.

But then it was Donna's turn and look what she came across.

We ended up at La Pine and went to the Thousand Trails park. The weather was calling for cold and possible snow. We have 50 amps and can keep warm with our electric heaters. When we arrived the temperature was in the 70's and sunny.

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