Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gateway Again

After the window install we moved to the Gateway Elk's. We were here around 3 weeks ago. It's quieter than the Vancouver Elk's. We went into the Lodge for drinks and dinner. Really needed the drink part as it was a rough day. We got a terrible wake-up call. Bob's nephew had died.

Friday. What do you know there IS a sun. So after reading and getting the motorhome reassembled after the window install we went for a couple of hour walk and geocached.

Saturday was again overcast. Bob worked on his honey-do list and caulked the awning that was leaking water down the beautiful new window. He tightened the bolts of the roof air conditioners as one of them leaked when it was raining.

In the evening Gail Upton, Paul Thompson and Celeste joined us for drinks and dinner. It was pouring rain out so Celeste stayed on and the three of us went to the bar and listened to the dance band. Bob & I danced a little before going home.

Sunday we drove over to Camping World to pick up the kit to repair our day/night shade. It seemed like an all day project. The first time Donna folded over the string and it wasn't long enough to open the shade fully. The second time she used 4 strings and there was plenty left over. Bob got it hung back up. In the evening it broke.

So Monday it was take it back down. We moved the couch out this time and removed the valance to do it right and make it easier for him to attach the shade to the valance.
Kinda tired him out.

The next day it was predicted to be cloudy again but mother nature didn't listen and it was a beautiful sunny day. Bob has been interested in getting a MiFi and had been researching a company west of Portland. Called them and made arrangements to pick it up when they delivered the days orders to the Post Office. We headed over several hours earlier. Stopped at a Five Guys for the first time ever. Bob was impressed. Donna wasn't. It was just a more expensive hamburger. We stopped at another Harbor Freight for a tool Bob needs to caulk the shower. Then we geocached until time to meet the gal for the MiFi. Found one at this interesting "Sign?" 

Back home we checked out the MiFi. Wow, is it fast. Over to the Lodge for drinks and met the ER and his wife. We had planned to move to Woodland but they called and changed the appointment to Thursday so we spent another night at the Elk's.

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