Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wet Weather, Wet Dog and Windows

The rest of our stay at Thousand Trails was rain, rain, rain. Our last day there we drove the car toward Astoria. Met our WIN friend George Rivard at the Costco between Seaside & Astoria and we went to the Wet Dog Saloon. We had been there two days earlier and got this dessert,
 "The Best Dam Dessert Ever". After our lunch we ordered the dessert with 3 spoons. The waitress heard our comments about how HARD the ice cream was our first day that I think she microwaved the one we got. It was softer than soft ice cream. A DQ blizzard is harder. We enjoyed our visit with George even if the Dessert wasn't the best.

The next day we packed up and left TT. Our window install is Thursday and we spent the night in their parking lot. We pulled into the Elk's Lodge at Vancouver. You remember, the nosiy one. Went in for lunch then got in the car and checked out other lodges in the area. The Moose in Vancouver is as noisy at the Elk's and the Moose in Camas is closing. No more RV parking. Bummer.

Early Thursday morning the crew arrived and started work on our window's.
Actually, George did the install.  

Bob helped and occasionally George got another fellow to help lift the window into place or with the removal.
We prepared the coach by placing a ton of stuff in the shower. Couldn't have it out as George needed access to the windows. One window was measured wrong so they will ship it to us in about a month. Bob feels comfortable with doing it himself and it is a small window.

We relocated to the Gateway Elk's 12 miles south after they were done. It was a very hard day emotionally for us. We got word in the morning that Bob's nephew Steve had died.

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