Monday, May 14, 2012

Seeing Seaside, the hard way

Bob took the car in for repairs on Monday. They have to remove the engine to replace seals on it. He asked them to also do the timing chain. They called and said the timing chain part wouldn't be in until Thursday so we were without a car all week.

Every other day we walked into town.
Past Thousand Trails lake and geese. And to restaurants for a meal.
A backyard tree decorated with floats.

The Nicanicum Tidal River runs thru town.
We took different streets each time so we could see how the other half lives. There are a lot of For Sale or For Rent signs up. At least the weather was good.

On the days we didn't walk we stayed home. Read, swam or soaked in the hot tub.
Sometimes even did chores. Vacuumed. Cleaned and finished the project on the leaking fresh water tank. Life gets boring without wheels.

We even upgraded our Thousand Trails membership. We get to stay 3 weeks at a time. Gained other park affliates like RPI, Enjoy American. Have membership options for our kids and the Preferred gets us cruises and condo's world-wide.

We walked the Prom...Seaside's waterfront promenade. Saw the Tillamook Rock lighthouse.

We couldn't believe when Mark, the mechanic called at 10:25 PM Saturday night that the car was finished. Bob walked to the gate, Mark met him then drove the mile to his garage. Bob paid and returned to the park with the car a little after 11. That is service.

The weather for next week is predicted to be rain so it is good we have wheels again.

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