Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Pantry Installed

We had our new pantry installed at Dave & LJ's RV Interior Design at Woodland, WA. Bob had researched on the Escapee's website for companies and this came highly recommended. On May 3rd we had come here for measurements and to discuss what we wanted. We returned on the 30th for the actual installation.

This is what the old pantry looked like and you can see Bob had put in insulation & a narrow board to fill in the space.

Below the refrigerator was space that also had the connection in the lower right for our propane heater which we wanted relocated to below the electric plug you can see near the bathroom door.

Now the actually work starts. The refrigerator is removed.

You can see in the upper left side of the box the burning that had taken place from the old propane refrigerator's flue.

The floor of the box is removed and LJ is contemplating how to relocate the propane and reinforce the bracing for the new floor.

The new pantry & wine rack are in place and the floor has been reinforced. Also the upper vent has been closed off with plywood.
Insulation is added.  The lower vent is left accessible for the air flow, electric plug and defrosting drain.

The new look.

This picture shows the old pantry door leaning against the new one. We really have gained a lot of space.
Donna is happily reloading all our supplies after lining the drawer's with the rubber cabinet liners.
It took all of what was in our old pantry plus what was in the big drawer under one of the dinette seats.

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tami said...

Looks great Mom. Now you can start shopping Sams Club for bulk stuff with all the space you have to fill...@;>